Alani Skunk

Alani Skunk

Flavor Profile

Alani Skunk has an amazing orange smell and taste that erupts from the jar and smoke! This is not a taste you go looking for, it smacks you in your face until the very last rip, all the way through your bowl, joint or blunt! When it comes to dabs, a low temp press will over-exceed your expectations and Alani Skunk taste is even more prevalent when it is made into concentrates.

Oral History

I found a seed in a batch of L’Orange produced by Cannabiotix that I purchased from Essence Cannabis Dispensary in Las Vegas in the fall of 2017. The pheno name comes from the Hawaiian word for orange or orange tree (Alani Skunk). The genetic make up of this plant is unknown, although rumored to be a cross of Orange Crush x ?, possibly Oregon Lemon or Lemonburst. Alani Skunk ranges from 26->30% THC based on multiple Purple Pro test results.


  • mother: Unknown
  • father: Unknown

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