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First-of-its-kind clinical research study on effects of THCV

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new clinical research study with People Science and Natural Natural to better understand the effectiveness of THCV on motivation, energy level, focus, and appetite.

Phylos Bioscience Secures up to $8 Million Strategic Investment to Further THCV Genetic Innovation and Drive Organigram Growth with Seed-based Production

Phylos announces entry into an Innovation Agreement with one of Canada’s leading producers of recreational cannabis and cannabis-derived products, Organigram Holdings Inc.

New Generation of Cannabis Seed Ensures Quality, Consistency, and Uniformity for Commercial Growers

Highly-optimized Phylos Production-Ready Seed™ enables easier crop management, lower production costs, maximum yield, and efficiency for large-scale production

Cannabis Study Reveals Optimal Canopy Density for Highest Yield, Efficiency and Profitability in Greenhouse Growing Environment

Phylos and Progressive Plant Research Announce Results for Day-Neutral Cannabis Density Trial

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