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Phylos Bioscience Secures up to $8 Million Strategic Investment to Further THCV Genetic Innovation and Drive Organigram Growth with Seed-based Production

Phylos announces entry into an Innovation Agreement with one of Canada’s leading producers of recreational cannabis and cannabis-derived products, Organigram Holdings Inc.

New Generation of Cannabis Seed Ensures Quality, Consistency, and Uniformity for Commercial Growers

Highly-optimized Phylos Production-Ready Seed™ enables easier crop management, lower production costs, maximum yield, and efficiency for large-scale production

Cannabis Study Reveals Optimal Canopy Density for Highest Yield, Efficiency and Profitability in Greenhouse Growing Environment

Phylos and Progressive Plant Research Announce Results for Day-Neutral Cannabis Density Trial

Phylos Closes $7.6 Million in Funding to Scale Market-Validated Cannabis and Hemp Genetics and Unveils New Executive Team to Drive Industry Innovation

With a fresh executive team, new approach and data-driven research, Phylos shifts its focus to grower success with next-generation Cannabis and hemp seed genetic

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