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We support commercial-scale cannabis and hemp growers to drive value to their production operations with high-quality genetic products and modern crop science.

Phylos is a cannabis genetics company focused on helping growers of all sizes to succeed commercially with seeds that produce the highest quality cannabis in the most cost-effective way. Phylos supports commercial-scale cultivation with the industry’s first Production-Ready Seed™: premium, phenotypically stable, fully-feminized F1 hybrid seeds that deliver exceptional flower quality, potency, vigor, and yield. Phylos also leverages its proprietary technologies and its cultivation, extraction, and formulation expertise to provide partners with unparalleled THCV genetics and natural, safe and effective ingredients.

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Genetics for a Growing Industry

Our team of geneticists, breeders, plant scientists, and agronomists use a data-driven approach to crop and production improvement. Using genetic markers, our team selects plants with naturally occurring traits for our breeding program. This enables us to develop varieties more quickly that provide more seed variety choices and profitable, sustainable solutions to growers who need consistency and reliability.

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Innovation Partnerships

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Phylos’ Innovation Partner program builds strategic partnerships with cannabis operators around the globe. Combining genetics developed by Phylos’ modern scientific breeding program with partner core competencies creates a competitive advantage through product innovation and seed-based production.

In these partnerships we aim to make gains faster, together. Partners appreciate the benefits of seed-based production, as well as the vast potential of the plant to express natural, rare and novel cannabinoids (versus synthetic cannabinoids). While the specifics of each collaboration may vary, at its core the Innovation Partnership program provides paths towards further research and commercial advantages for both Phylos and our partners.

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Quality-First Seed Control

Our expert breeders, high-quality uniform seed lines, and rigorous quality control measures put grower success first, ultimately increasing harvest yield and profitability for growers of any size. Phylos seeds produce stable, cannabinoid-rich female plants and are backed by rigorous analyses that include chemical, feminization, germination, genetic purity, and genetic testing for chain of custody.

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Variety Licensing

We work with companies to in-license unique genetics for continued development and optimization to bring their seeds or clones to market. Our partners choose to work with Phylos to take advantage of our rigorous infrastructure, quality control systems, sales, marketing, agronomic support teams, and our licensing agreements which provide fair compensation for their years of hard work. 

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Field-Based Grower Support 

Our sales and field teams bring the best practices from traditional agriculture and cannabis cultivation to support growers with the tools and resources for success. We work with farms around the country and around the world to conduct field trials to assess our seeds at scale and identify climate-specific traits. Since 2020, we have performed seed trials at 35+ different locations.

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The power of cannabis and hemp drives everything we do

We believe hemp and cannabis can transform how we live–from advancements in health and wellness, to its many potential uses in feed and fiber, to aiding in the fight against climate change. Our mission is to make these transformations a reality by breeding high-quality, stable, and uniform seed lines that produce consistent, accessible, and sustainable cannabis and hemp products.

Since 2014, we’ve worked to build the infrastructure necessary to support growers’ success in the hemp and cannabis markets. Take a stroll through our history that brought us here today.

2014. Plant Sex Tests

Cannabis Evolution Project

Analyzed the DNA of thousands of cannabis samples from around the world.

The Plant Sex Test

Launched genomic testing product that helps growers and breeders cull males from growing populations, driving operational efficiency and lowering cost of doing business.

2015. Phylos Galaxy

The Phylos Galaxy

Created the world’s largest 3D visualization and benchmarking tool of industrial hemp and cannabis DNA. The Phylos Galaxy features thousands of varietal hemp and cannabis DNA samples from over 80 countries. It's the most advanced population visualization in existence. Mapped to 6 different sub-populations, the Galaxy showcases the diversity of hemp and cannabis samples through 3D data visualization and genetic reports.

Explore the Galaxy

2016. Woman lab tech

Published Genomic Data

Made initial genetic sequencing data available publicly via the National Center for Biotechnology Information.

2017. Genotype Test

Genotype Test

Launched genomic testing product that validates cannabis and hemp strains for growers and breeders to clarify and illuminate their supply chain.

2018. Hands in soil

Breeding Partnerships

Launched collaborative studies with breeding partners to identify new cannabis varieties with improved traits.

2019. Progressive Plant Research

R&D Breeding Facility

Opened an R&D facility with contracted breeder-partners who operate a hemp and cannabis breeding program exclusive to Phylos.

2020. AutoCBD field

AutoCBD Hemp Seeds & Auto/PS CBD Clones

Released flagship autoflower hemp seed. Extensive germplasm evaluations, trials, and breeding advancements across product platforms.

2021. Plants in greenhouse

AutoCBD F1 Hybrids & PhotoCBD

Expanded hemp seed lineup with the “Alphas” (AutoCBD Alpha Explorer and AutoCBD Alpha Nebula) and a short-season photo x autoflower hybrid, PhotoCBD.

Day-Neutral F1 Hybrid Seed Varieties

Released the first day-neutral, short-season F1 hybrid uniform seed lines.

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