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Phylos: Genetics for a Sustainable Industry

Phylos is a cannabis genetics company that empowers growers of all sizes to produce the highest-quality cannabis in the most cost-effective way.

F1 Hybrid Seeds with vigorous growth, incredible uniformity, high THC, unique aromas, and stress tolerance.

NEW Phylos Elite Seeds are the industry’s first premium, phenotypically stable, fully-feminized F1 Hybrid seed lines delivering the best attributes of clones but with the ease, vigor, and resilience of seeds. HLVD-free with up to 98%+ germination rates.
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How F1 Hybrid Seeds Can Mitigate HLVd Risk

First in our new series "The Future of Cannabis Starts with Seeds" features John McFerson, VP of Breeding, and Jared Reynbery, Sr. Director of Breeding, discuss HLVd risk and how to mitigate risk by starting with F1 hybrid production-ready seeds.
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Black text reading The Future of Cannabis Starts with Seeds. Headshots of John McFerson, VP of Breeding, and Jared Reynbery, Sr. Director of Breeding side by side. White text on green background How F1 Hybrid Seeds can Mitigate HLVd Risk. Phylos logo

The Impact of Modern Seed Genetics in Commercial Cannabis

Read the latest case study in our series covering seed-based production systems in various sizes and environments. Explore how Montana-based Streamline Farms successfully pivoted from growing tomatoes to cannabis with a limited budget and small footprint.
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Streamline Farms: Bennett Cawthon and Connor Schmitz

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