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Plant Breeding Powering
the future
of cannabis.
Growers are working with Phylos to create the next generation of hemp, recreational, and medicinal cannabis. Learn More
Plant Sex Test Plant Sex Test Our DNA-based test identifies the Y chromosome in male seedlings — meaning no more wasted time, money and grow space on plants you’re going to throw away. Get Started Phylos Certified Phylos Certified Genetic certification for the cannabis supply chain. Get to know what you're growing with insights like closest relatives, common clones, genetic variation and more. Get Started
Search the world’s largest database of cannabis genetics featuring thousands of heritage and modern varieties from over 80 countries. Search Now
The Next Generation
of Cannabis
Top cannabis businesses are investing in R&D. Phylos brings world-class data science and breeding technology to innovators creating the next generation of incredible cannabis varieties.
Pipetting DNA into an 88-well plate.

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