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Unlocking the potential of cannabis and hemp

Revolutionize your production with high-quality seed lines bred for better, more uniform agronomic traits and improved production efficiency.

The power of cannabis drives everything we do

Building a future where cannabis and hemp seeds are consistent, reliable, and perform better for farmers, consumers, and the environment.
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1 million hemp seeds for BIPOC farmers

Dedicated to leveling a systemically unbalanced playing field through our Hemp Seed Donation Program. Our partners include National Black Farmers Association and Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center.
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John and Kara Boyd, National Black Farmers Association

Paving the way to sustainability

Progressive Plant Research, our dedicated research and cultivation partner, is committed to reducing energy use for a more sustainable future. PPR is a 2021 Strategic Energy Management participant through the Energy Trust of Oregon and a Portland General Electric (PGE) Energy Partner.
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Progressive Plant Research, Strategic Energy Management 2021 Badge

Experience the new frontier of hemp seeds

Rigorously tested, selectively chosen. Unlock your farm’s potential with our carefully bred line of autoflower hemp seeds.
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