Summer Sunset OG #1 Massive Seeds

Summer Sunset OG #1 Massive Seeds

Flavor Profile

Mint Gas

Oral History

Summer Sunset OG is a cross of a Purple Hindu Kush mother and a Lemon Larry OG BX4 father. The Purple Hindu Kush mother is a very hardy, terpy, medicinal phenotype called Jager originating from Millerville Farms in Cave Junction and the Illinois River valley of Southern Oregon. The Lemon Larry OG BX4 came from my friend Rueben in Humboldt who started backcrossing the Lemon Larry OG using my male Trainwreck Blueberry Snow x the original clone only Lemon Larry OG and successively backcrossing for four years.


  • mother: Jaeger
  • father: Lemon Larry OG

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