Deep Sleep

Deep Sleep

Flavor Profile

Her smooth smoke provides it's user with a sweet, fruity-like inhale that's quickly followed by the classic OG Kush funk that so many have come to adore over the recent years.

Oral History

This hard hitting Indica heavy hybrid known as, "Deep Sleep"(AKA "P.O.4") is an extremely flavorful variety that was brought forth by P.O. Genetics and is a combination of two very well known and extremely resinous strains, the super sweet yet funky, Larry OG and the legend they call, Pre 98 Bubba. She most commonly produces shorter sized plants that are very sturdy, yet do tend to stretch a bit in flowering, thanks to her OG Kush-based genetics. Her short and bushy structure fills in quickly with above average sized yields of large, thick and super frosty buds that have a nice shade of purple peaking through her shiny resin glands and dark green calyxes. The "Deep Sleep" is very easy to grow both indoors and out, ripening to perfection in only 8-9 weeks indoors and by the beginning of October outdoors at the latest. The "Deep Sleep", as her name states, has a very relaxing and sedative Indica heavy body stone that hits you like a ton of bricks, quickly leaving you stoned, stuck and searching for a place to sit down.

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