Mountain Magick

Mountain Magick

Flavor Profile

Mountain Magick has taken Charlotte's Web and Jack Herer's intense aroma traits. A strong, earthy Pine tree scent emits every time you inhale the Mountain Magick!

Oral History

Gopher Valley Organics wanted to take the powerhouse strength of the Charlotte's Web CBD and introduce it into the powerful Jack Herers' THC. We wanted to create a plant that would help people; Mountain Magick's high CBD and low THC has great medical benefits. The outcome from introducing these two plants together is a 3:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This is why Gopher Valley Organics call their signature strain ""Mountain Magick"". Smoking it will give you an open and free mind with a great amount of energy for walking through the mountains. Then a few moments later, the Herer hammer kicks in. That is the magic! You too can experience the feeling of Mountain Magick!


  • mother: Jack Herer
  • father: Charlotte's Web

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