Charlie Girl

Charlie Girl

Flavor Profile

Strong OG flavor and smell combined with the aesthetic and medical effects of GSC make Charlie Girl a great smoke at the end of the day. Deep earthy and sweet tones exhale with crisp gassy flavors as a wave of euphoria and calm wash over. A sedative yet clear high make this a versatile strain that GSC fans love.

Oral History

In 2011, at the height of the GSC craze, HendRx breeders crossed an SFV OG female with a Girl Scout Cookie male to produce a perfect representation of its famed parents. The resulting pheno hunt identified several keepers, Charlie Girls's sister, Ebola #7 that was heavier on the OG lineage with Charlie Girl balanced right in the middle. The Charlie Girl has proven itself a crowd favorite in Northern California and has become the basis of a distinct arm of HendRx strain development.


  • mother: San Fernando Valley OG
  • father: Girl Scout Cookie

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