Space Cabbage

Space Cabbage

Flavor Profile

Sweet mix of hash, skunk and berry. Balanced head and body effect, equally euphoric and soothing.

Oral History

Cut known and grown since early 2000's, traces back several years earlier to same circles as those who ran the legendary central-Ohio cultivar "Dumpster" (old school underground crew with ties to the Elevator Brewery & Draught House that features in local lore about that fabled strain). Pedigree is unknown. Source crew ran many cultivars and it’s identity has been lost in the haze of time. Speculation has been that it is either Dumpster or a hybrid made with that cut. It became known as "Space Cabbage" because it branches out to fill whatever space it's given and bud density, frost, chemotype quality and general bag appeal yields a lot of "cabbage" ($) for the cultivator.

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