A5 Haze

A5 Haze

Flavor Profile

The smell is pure incense mixed with strange rotten organic aromas. The taste is dark, liver, pure incense, rotten organic floral aromas with touches of rotten tropical fruits too. It burns producing that scandalous dutch Haze incense aroma from the 90s that we all the haze lovers love. Terpene profile: Monoterpenes: Mainly myrcene (more than 50 %), followed by alpha pinene, trans ocimene, limonene, beta pinene and linalool. Sesquiterpenes: A bit more than half of beta caryophyllene and the rest guaiol.

Oral History

A5 Haze was received in clone form from Yo Sammy, who sourced it from Karma Genetics. This A5 Haze is the mother of our Killer A5 Haze strain.


  • mother: Northern Lights #5
  • father: Haze A

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