Rattle Snake OG

Rattle Snake OG

Flavor Profile

Aroma: Bright | Sweet | Earthy lemon drops, cedar, soil, sweetgrass, juniper, crushed pine, Douglas fir, black peppercorn, blue cheese crumble, fuel Earthy remnants of the forest floor rise into fresh mountain air with overtones of cedar, soil, sweetgrass, juniper, Douglas fir, crushed pine, and bright notes of sugary lemon drops dissolving into hefty undertones of blue cheese crumble and black peppercorn, with gassy traces of fuel. Flavor: Powdery | Earthy | Tart Douglas fir, pine, cedar, soil, lemon pledge, lemon peel, sweetgrass, juniper, black pepper, oak, toasted marshmallow Holiday overtones of Douglas fir, pine, cedar, sweetgrass, juniper, and soil blend into a clean, earthy mouthful of Christmas cologne, with tart notes of lemon pledge and lemon peel swirling into a peppery bite that carries through and lingers long after the softness of oak and toasted marshmallow fade into the finish. Effect: Calm | Comforting | Sedating radiating body buzz, numbing brain buzz, cozy, fuzzy, stony, soothing, relaxing, tranquil, content, grounding, chimerical thoughts, slowed pace, bit by the snake, reality shift A radiating buzz soothes the body with grounding contentment and numbs the mind into a fuzzy stoniness, gradually slipping into the tranquilizing depths of a slowed, sedated, and chimerical space, conjuring feelings of being bit by the snake.

Oral History

Rattlesnake OG is a strain with a famous pedigree. Humboldt farmers have grown the renowned original OG strain since at least the 70’s; crossing it with Northern Lights to make it hardier and more resilient for outdoor growing. Villa Paradiso’s unique OG comes from two OG strains: one from a coastal farm whose breeder is highly respected and had been backcrossing the strain for 20 years to maintain a pure and true representation of the strain, and the other OG from a closer-by farm who had been developing the strain on his terroir. Villa Paradiso took the two divergent evolutions of the strain and bred them back together to create Rattlesnake OG. With ten years in Villa Paradiso terroir, this is a stable, consistent strain that delivers a potent heady high, that is balanced and mellow.


  • mother: OG
  • father: OG

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