Berry Nectar

Berry Nectar

Flavor Profile

Aroma: Berry | Floral | Herbal elderberries, chamomile blossoms, balsa wood, scallions, sage, chives, rosemary, juniper, pine Soft undertones of balsa wood soak up the thick, juicy syrup of elderberries and chamomile blossoms, with an herbaceous garnish of scallions, sage, chives, rosemary, juniper and earthy pine. Flavor: Soft | Floral | Warm raspberries, chamomile blossoms, blackberry blossoms, amber, walnut, wheat germ, honeysuckle, balsa wood Powdery floral clouds of chamomile and blackberry blossoms quietly mingle with the shy sweetness of freshly crushed raspberries and honeysuckle, with warm notes of walnut, wheat germ, amber, and balsa wood drifting into the finish. Effect: Stimulating | Soothing | Relieving soft, gentle, peaceful, glowing buzz, calming, cheery, smiles on the inside, mild stoniness, body tingle Stimulating undertones of chipper cheerfulness swell beneath the peaceful and relieving glow of a soothing body buzz softly melding into syrupy pools of happy relaxation and smiles on the inside.

Oral History

Every so often a cultivator hits upon a new strain that is so astoundingly good, it is obvious from the very first buds. Berry Nectar is one such strain, the star child of crossbreeding Villa Paradiso’s Sueño Paradiso strain with neighboring Big Foot’s Patch’s Pineapple Nectar. The parent Sueño Paradiso had been developed over 20 years from Hindu Kush seeds brought back from Amsterdam crossed with blueberry and blackberry strains, then crossed again with Blue Dream. The parent Pineapple Nectar is a 20-year, multigenerational strain that adds the sweetness. Berry Nectar interacts with Villa Paradiso’s terroir to create beautiful plants with fragrant layers of fruits and kush that gets richer as it cures. It is a vigorous, resilient plant that is so covered in crystals it looks silver, and produces a balanced, active high that is uplifting and giggly.


  • mother: Sueño Paradiso
  • father: Pineapple Nectar

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