e.T Special

e.T Special

Flavor Profile

Piney lemon terpenes upon first scent.

Oral History

Vietnam Black x ((Kandahar x Thai) x Panama)) ________________________________ Vietnam Black is Zamalito's selection sourced from Kiona Farms. ((Kandahar x Thai) x Panama) was created from selections by cootz and the Brotherhood of Eternal Love (BOEL) in the early 1980's. Panama stock was supplied originally by a Peace Corp worker who brought seeds back in the 1970's. e.T gifted these seeds in 2015 and they were grown outdoors in the 2018 season. There were distinct phenos that mirrored the genetic parentage - wide-leafed like Kandahar and medium to extremely thin-leafed like the equatorial varieties of Vietnam, Thai, or Panama.


  • mother: e.T Special

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