Agent OgDog (AOD)

Agent OgDog (AOD)

Flavor Profile

Tropical Cherry Lemon-Lime Rubber Skunk Fuel

Oral History

The Agent OgDog (AOD) comes from a legendary lineage. Her mother is a cross of 2 famous strains, Ft. Collins SAGE (from TH Seeds) & Apollo 11 (from Brothers Grim). Her father is a cross of the SFV OG & Chemdog D (from Cali Connection). This is an extremely unique strain with an extremely unique flavor. It is a very strong Sativa dominant (70/30) strain with tropical flavors & major expansion on the inhale. Flower Time: 60-65 Days


  • mother: Agent: (Ft. Collins SAGE x Apollo 11)
  • father: Chem Valley Kush: (SFV OG x Chem D)

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