Green Haze #19

Green Haze #19

Flavor Profile

Woody, spices, incense and ripen mango. Old school sativa aroma. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of beta myrcene, moderate quantities of trans ocimene and alpha pinene, and small amounts of beta pinene. Sesquiterpenes: two thirds of beta-caryophyllene and one third of alpha-humelene.

Oral History

With this version of Oldtimer's Haze, we offer you a selection of Green Haze phenotypes. Their roots comes mainly from green colombians, within the original genotype of Haze population. Green Haze differs from Purple Haze due it is completely green when ripens (even though the flowering takes place with low temperatures), for its aromas of ripen tropical fruits, and for having a more energetic, euphoric, open and sociable effect than the purple phenotypes.


  • mother: Oldtimer's Haze
  • father: Oldtimer's Haze

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