Tikal R7 F5

Tikal R7 F5

Flavor Profile

Complex aroma of peach, strawberry bubblegum and incense. With woody, hazy/incensey and sour notes when smoked. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of terpinolene (40%), beta myrcene (35%) and beta ocimene (25%), small quantities of beta pinene, limonene and alpha pinene, and traces of delta 3 carene, linalool, alpha terpinene and gamma terpinene. Sesquiterpenes: guaiol and beta caryophyllene, followed by smaller amounts by alpha humelene, nerolidol 2 and bisabolol.

Oral History

Tikal is a sativa hybrid with Central American genetics, originating from the jungles of Guatemala. Its happy and stimulant effect is reminiscent of the best old mexican sativas. It is a good yielding and vigorous sativa that is easy to cultivate. When grown outdoors it finishes with well developed branches, full of flowers with a complex aroma of strawberries, peach and incense.


  • mother: Tikal F4
  • father: Tikal F4

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