Puppies Breath

Puppies Breath

Flavor Profile

Smooth and Very Powerful. Properly dried and cured, this clone only variety gives off a funk that reminds you of a puppy's breath. Like A Skunk met a Sewer, All Gas No Brakes!! With a Full and Smooth Smoke that tastes like the earthy ChemD Fuel you would expect from a quadruple chem cross. (D-Limonene Dominant, 0.7%+)

Oral History

Orgins: Bred by; GreenPointe Seeds. Colorado, USA Cultivated from Seed by; Michigan Grown Gardens in 2014, South East, Michigan, USA. Puppies Breath was one of -3- DeathDawg x Stardawg Phenotypes selected for Cultivation. Puppies Breath is Considered a Sativa Dominant Cross 70/30, and has tested as high as 32.9% total Cannabinoids. (30%+ thc) Michigan Events: Awards achieved with the Puppies Breath, by Michigan Grown Gardens. 1st place Sativa (2017 Mmm Report Magazine) 3rd place Sativa (2018 Mmm Report Magazine) 2nd place Flower, (2017 Clio Cultivators Cup) 3rd Place Highest THC (2017 Clio Cultivators Cup)


  • mother: DeathDawg
  • father: Stardawg

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