Flavor Profile

The Afghan flavor is one of depth and richness that has held true over its 45 years of cultivation in the U.S. ( From the Historic Days of the infamous “Hippy Hashish Trail”) It is an exceptionally psychoactive high with low percentage of CBD. The last testing was done 3-9-16 and will be updated this year. d9-THC 24.67 percent CBD 0.04 percent Terpene profile b-myrcene 1.60 percent a-pine 3.55 percent . Testing was done by

Oral History

The Afghan seed was brought back from Mazar-i-sharif, Northern Afghanistan in 1972 for cultivation in the U.S. and has beeen bred onto itself 15 generations. The seeds have never been given out and remain in a Private Collection. I will be breeding every year to preserve the genetics of the Afghan.


  • father: Afghan
  • mother: Afghan

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