Flavor Profile

Unless you have smelled this strain’s ancestor-plant, Cinderella 99, it’s powerfully citrus and earthy aroma will certainly blow you away. Cynx is loaded with Limonine, the monoterpene responsible for the intense citrus that patients will find to be much more pungent and skunky than most strains currently out there.

Oral History

This indica-dominant hybrid was crossed with OG Kush creating a heavy, intensely cerebral experience, firmly backed by the soothing, and ever so popular kush body-high. Patients who medicate in order to help enhance sleep should consider trying Cynx. The “roots” of her lineage cannot be denied, there is a definite take-off, a contribution from the mother, Cindy herself. But after that period, which varies in all patients, the OG takes over for a nice, smooth touch-down. For the vast majority of patients, indica strains and indica-dominant hybrids tend to be less stimulating overall than their counterpart sativa-dominant strains. Patients who are partial to a good indica will definitely want to experience Cynx.

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