Oregon Pineapple

Oregon Pineapple

Flavor Profile

Oregon Pineapple invades the senses, first with its notoriously stinky, sour scent and is nicely complimented with a sweet, Hawaiian Pineapple odor. These buds are voluptuous and just might remind you of waking up on the beach in Maui and slicing a fresh pineapple for breakfast.

Oral History

Ideal for outdoor and/or daytime use, Oregon Pineapple provides increased energy and some serious cerebral action. For those patients who need to medicate, but also have jobs and tasks to accomplish during the day, this one is an excellent choice for its stimulating effects. Oregon Pineapple is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that, like all cannabis, only reveals its full potential when grown in ideal conditions and is properly cared for throughout its life. Pineapple branches grow strong, thick and resiliently stretch tall towards the light, showing her explosive sativa heritage. Thin, jagged, pointy leaves grow nearly perpendicular to the trajectory of their branches, becoming completely covered in trichomes as their proximity to the flowers increases. I highly recommend vaporizing this strain, inhaling deeply and breathing slowly out from your nose. It really highlights the two contrasting flavors of sweet and sour. And it often makes patients feel like they’ve just been “lei’d”!

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