Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice

Flavor Profile

The properly-cured flowers smell of rich, fresh strawberries, that could have just been picked out of the Spring garden. With a little bit of imagination, or inspiration… the big, green flowers resemble sugar-coated strawberries, but with fiery red pistils on a light green backdrop. Inhale to taste a robust, extremely fruity flavor, complemented with a chill touch of mint at the end. Exhale to enjoy the sweet nose of a strawberry-themed treat.

Oral History

“Ice Ice Baby”! Just like the song, this strain is surely, a one hit wonder. Where patients and aficionados may be familiar with Strawberry Cough, Strawberry Ice is actually a unique strain, in a category all to herself. On the “heady” side of high-powered, sativa-dominant cannabis strains, Strawberry Ice’s genetics register at ¾ Sativa. A great activation and stimulation strain for the morning, or afternoon doldrums, Strawberry ice is perfect for any time of the day you’re not planning on sleeping. Many patients choose this particular strain to improve functionality during day-time tasks, such as cooking or doing household chores. Another prime method to accessing this powerful plant’s maximum potential, is in the sun, (or clouds, for that matter) in the out of doors. Best-enjoyed with friends, this is one euphoric, energetic and creative experience every medical cannabis patient should know. This cool strain may just well have the potential to incite Marky Mark to re-write musical history to read: “Strawberry Ice, Ice Baby”…

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