OG Hindu Jager Kush

OG Hindu Jager Kush

Flavor Profile

Strong anise, black licorice, and lemongrass notes. Early samples came back with absurd amounts of Limonene, though new terpene analysis has confirmed higher amounts of fringe terpenes.

Oral History

A classic Southern Oregon cultivar selected originally from Purple Hindu Kush lines by Millerville Farms, this particular clone group if from line bred selections made in Southern Oregon. There are now various generations of PHK/Jager being disseminated among growers and breeders. This particular cut was used in Hermetic Genetics "Root Beer Float" hybrid in an effort to capture the unique terpene and cannabinoid profile of "PHK" while breeding out undesirable traits, such as sterile male flower production among clones cultivated indoors.


  • mother: Purple Hindu Kush
  • father: Purple Hindu Kush

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