Kali 21 China F4

Kali 21 China F4

Flavor Profile

Mango juice, sweet cream, incense, hash, grill meat and oriental spices.

Oral History

Kali China is one of the strains that has taken us more time to develop, reaching the top breeding refinement of our China Yunnan hybrids. It's a compact and fast flowering plant of indica behavior, which flowers produce a unique and complex aroma, and a refined tropical sativa effect. Like in 'haute cuisine', Kali China stimulates very different organoleptic areas, making this strain a delightful experience of the highest terpenic level. Its effect stands out because of its complexity and sativa nature, surprising traits for a plant of only 45-55 days of flowering time, that is easy to cultivate indoors without height problems.


  • father: Kali China F3 (reversed)
  • mother: Kali China F3

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