Honduras P1

Honduras P1

Flavor Profile

Floral, citric, woody and spicy. Complex and rich terpene profile. It mainly contains the following monoterpenes: high amounts of alpha pinene and terpinolene, followed by moderate quantities of beta myrcene, beta pinene and trans ocimene, with variability in the presence of limonene and linalool in smaller amounts. Sesquiterpenes: high amounts of beta-caryophyllene (¾ parts approximately), followed by moderate content of alpha-humelene, with variability in the presence of lower amounts of trans nerolidol and guaiol.

Oral History

A new Central American pure landrace sativa from Honduras that ACE Seeds team has recently reproduced. Honduras' growing structure, flowering time, flower distribution and overall appearance are reminiscent of the old long flowering and high yielding lowland colombians. On the other hand, the effect and terpenes are closer to the old mexican sativas of clean, happy and positive effects. The effect has a stimulant component similar to the most exciting and nervous african sativas. A classical tropical sativa of high yield, high flower/leaf ratio, high vigor and excellent resistance against the adverse weather conditions of warm humid climates (rains, fungus). Excellent landrace sativa seed to work, for music, for outdoor activities, to socialize ... good against migraine and apathy.


  • mother: Honduras
  • father: Honduras

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