G's Holy (Holy Shit-F2)

G's Holy (Holy Shit-F2)

Flavor Profile

When fully ripe, a strong creamy grape nose with a hint of pine will keep you popping the jar open for another whiff. One smell, and you are rolling one up, enjoying a smooth, uplifting, creative high. A very nice addition to any social gathering!

Oral History

This special girls' seed was a Ganjaland mail-order buy back in the hazy 90's. Originally sold under the name 'Holy Shit', via Shantibaba/Neville, who worked on the Afghani dominant Skunk#1 x Skunk#1 crossing. It was F2'd, with this clone-only cut being from those progeny. Having been a staple strain for 20+ years attests to the legitimacy of it being dubbed "Holy" by all who've imbibed her.


  • mother: Holy Shit-F1 (by Shantibaba/Neville)
  • father: Holy Shit-F1 (by Shantibaba/Neville)

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