Lemon Skunk

Lemon Skunk

Flavor Profile

Crazy lemon taste and smell

Oral History

This Lemon Skunk originated when two Skunk #1 plants were selected for their over-the-top lemon phenos. Our clone-only cut came to us from NorCal, via Vegas, in 2013. That same year, a Lemon Skunk cut, grown by Darin for Harborside Health Center, won the Emerald Cup. A Sativa-dominant strain, this plant packs a THC punch regularly testing in the mid-20s. This strain also made the High Times List of Top Strains in 2009. Lemon Skunk is great for daytime pain management or for anyone that desires a happy and energetic buzz!


  • parent: Skunk
  • parent: Citral

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