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AK 47

Grower: Irregular Industries
Gal ID: GAL41340
Test Date: January 29, 2018
Analysis Version: 111
Genotype ID:G-DLRFM
Report Short Url:


Closest Genetic Relatives


Genetic Novelty Score

Genetic Novelty Score is an indicator of how many other varieties in our database have genotypes similar to AK 47. Rare genotypes have very few genetically similar neighbors in the Phylos Galaxy, whereas common genotypes have many genetically similar neighbors.


Population Profile

The bar to the right shows population heritage for AK 47. The Phylos Galaxy features 6 distinct genetic subgroups, and every sample in the database is represented as a vertical stacked bar in the plot below. Population structure will continue to evolve as more samples are added to the Phylos Galaxy.


Genetic Variation

A low level of genetic variation indicates a stabilized or true breeding line that will produce seeds (offspring) with consistent physical characteristics (phenotypes); varieties with higher levels of genetic variation are not true-breeding, and will produce seeds with very different physical characteristics.


Genetically Distant Varieties

Genetically distant varieties may have different cannabinoid profiles, flavor profiles, and growth characteristics. Crossing two distant varieties may generate offspring with interesting novel phenotypes.