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Plant Sex Test

For Hemp and Cannabis

Identify male seedlings 7 days after germination

Save time, money, and grow space

Get rid of the guesswork

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Create a Phylos account to easily view results online. We’ll send you an email notification with a link to your results as soon as they’re ready. Your account helps you keep track of testing status, order history, and results—all in one place.

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Convenient and Safe to Send

Order sample collection kits online and send samples back to our lab. The Phylos Plant Sex Test was carefully designed to ensure your sample submission follows federal law when sent from legal states via FedEX and USPS.

No more guesswork. Just correct results.

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Phylos has tested tens of thousands of seedling samples without a single false call. This is because our scientists have implemented multi-step cross checks to ensure every stage of the testing process meets our rigorous protocol.

We extract DNA from samples and use a technique called real-time polymerase chain reaction (qPCR) to identify the Y сhromosome—because just like in humans, only male plants have a Y chromosome.

Plant Sex Test


4 tests: $14.95 / test

100 tests: $9.95 / test

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88 tests or more: $9.95 / test

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1: Register your kit.

Click here to register your kit. If you purchased your kit from, skip to Step 2.

2: Collect plant samples.

Read the included instructions carefully and watch relevant sampling video:

3: Send your samples.

To notify the lab, schedule a shipment with a tracking number. Send your samples via 2-day shipping.

4: Results.

Test results will be available in your account within 2 business days. Turnaround time may be extended if retests are required. View Results


“We’ve used the Phylos Sex Test on a number of our seedlings with impressive results. Phylos is prompt, professional and 100% accurate. Our grow is fairly small, so we can’t afford to flower a plant if we’re not certain that it’s female. Thanks to Phylos, we’ve been able to crack many more seeds than we would have otherwise, giving us access to significantly broader genetic diversity.”

– Matt Walstatter, Owner/CEO

“If time is money, Phylos Bioscience’s Sex Test is priceless. The ability to cull males in a matter of days not months is a game changer to say the least!”

– Jerry Whiting, Owner

“These tests were big savers of space, time, and, bottom line: money.  They made starting from regular seed much easier than I previously thought.  You can have your seeds sexed before transplanting out of your seed starter tray, eliminating the need to transplant all of your germinated seeds. This also saves on production space, media and human resources by not having to spend time and effort searching for your males.  We just finished a seed crop of 500 phenotypes of 10 different strains and it appears we have a 100% seedless harvest.”

– Mike Leigh, Cultivation Director



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