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Phylos Breeding Tools

Cannabis breeders who embrace data-driven

science will leapfrog competition with plants

bred for quality, consistency and predictability.

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The cannabis of today is not the cannabis of tomorrow.

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The cannabis market is changing. Competition is fierce, wholesale prices are dropping, and the plants we grow today are not optimized for yield, latitude, chemical content, flowering time, or pest resistance.

Phylos collaborates with growers of all sizes to preserve genetic diversity while creating the next generation of high-quality, reliable and consistent cannabis plants.

Breeders, partner with Phylos to:

  • Identify plants with optimal breeding potential
  • Build market share with plants bred for consistent and highly desirable traits
  • Breed naturally without the use of genetic modification
  • Reduce operating costs by avoiding catastrophic damage from pests, drought and disease
  • Protect your intellectual property

Phenohunt alongside world-class scientists
—and gain a competitive edge

You’ll work side-by-side with our expert team of data scientists, plant breeders, and biologists to pinpoint plants with the best potential and produce them again and again with consistency. Plus, our analytics include insights on how your plants stack up against thousands of others—giving you an unmatched competitive advantage.