Plant Breeding

Data-driven Cannabis Breeding

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The cannabis market is changing. Competition is fierce; wholesale prices are dropping; and the plants in existence today are not optimized for yield, latitude, chemical content, flowering time, or pest resistance.

Breeding, Not Genetic Modification

Phylos doesn’t use genetic modification. We use traditional breeding methods, driven by data and technology. And we don’t own plants or hold plant patents. All plant IP developed through our collaborative breeding program is held by our clients. What we do is simple: we help you develop incredible new cannabis varieties, and we help you get there fast.

Marker Assisted Selection and Genome Selection

Plant breeding is complex and time-consuming work. It takes many plants, multiple generational cycles, and advanced mathematical and statistical tools to determine optimal population structure, selection choices, and crossing geometries. Today, it also takes access to affordable medium-throughput chemical analysis, automated phenotyping, genetic sequencing, and the entire cutting-edge toolkits of Marker-Assisted Selection and Genomic Selection.

How Will This Research Help Breeders And Growers?

Phylos works with cannabis growers, large and small, to accelerate their plant breeding programs to create cannabis that is future-proof. Our team of breeders, quantitative geneticists, and agricultural experts work together to help clients identify and prioritize their breeding targets, fine-tune their cultivation environments, and run breeding programs that use the latest technologies in phenotyping, genotyping, and statistics to achieve maximum rates of genetic gain.

For both growers and breeders, we have these services available now:

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Plant Sex Test

Our sex test identifies males and females only 7-10 days after germination—meaning no more wasted time, money and grow space on plants you’re going to throw away.

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Phylos Certified

Genetic certification for the cannabis supply chain. Get to know what you're growing — and guarantee it with marketing tools like a unique ID and Phylos Certified seals.

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