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Our Work

Our work supports hemp and cannabis growers to drive value to their production operations with high quality genetic products and testing tools.

Phylos is revolutionizing the cannabis and hemp industries with products and tools that help the world’s growers sustainably increase their productivity and bottom line. We create innovative products to reach growers in new ways and achieve better results in the field and beyond. 

A global movement toward sustainable agriculture is gathering momentum, motivated by the need to address environmental and social concerns. Hemp is an opportunity to move agriculture to a more sustainable future. Learn more about our work building a triple bottom line company.

Genetics for a Growing Economy

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We offer superior seed genetics proven through extensive testing, providing growers with the ability to produce stable, CBD, and other cannabinoid rich female plants.

Field-Based Grower Support

Our sales and field teams bring the best practices from traditional agriculture and cannabis cultivation to support growers with the tools and resources for success.

Phylos Tested

Phylos Tested for Clarity & Consistency

Our seeds are backed by rigorous analyses that include chemical, feminization, germination, purity, and genetic testing. Additionally, we support hemp and cannabis growers with genetic testing products to identify plant sex and to better understand your plant genetics.

Learn more about our AutoCBD hemp seeds available for the 2020 season.

R&D and Innovation

As a crop science company, we have a robust R&D program that provides a data driven approach to crop improvement for hemp and cannabis.

Phylos Galaxy

The Phylos Galaxy

The Phylos Galaxy is the world's largest database of hemp and cannabis DNA, featuring thousands of samples from over 80 countries. It's the most advanced population visualization in existence. Mapped to 6 different sub-populations, the Galaxy showcases the diversity of hemp and cannabis samples through the 3D data visualization and the genetic reports available for each sample. 

Explore the Galaxy.

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Variety Licensing

In addition to our own R&D plant breeding and commercial sale of hemp varieties, we work with companies to in-license unique genetics for continued development and out-license varieties to support hemp and cannabis growers. 

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Clonal Varieties in Partnership with Conception Nurseries

Conception Nurseries is a tissue culture micropropagation company that we helped to launch in 2018.Conception carries sterile, rooted tissue culture clones of varieties developed by Phylos and many other breeders. With locations in Oregon, California, and more states coming soon, Conception is able to support growers with clean, pesticide-free, true-to-type clones, without maintaining a mother room. Learn more at conceptionnurseries.com.

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