Learn about our new plant breeding program, coming spring 2019.

Phylos was founded in 2014 with a simple mission: to better understand cannabis. Our work since day one has been to reshape how we interact with medicine, agriculture, recreation, the environment, and our communities. Last year, we launched a dozen breeding projects for diverse partners across the globe. While the specific needs and goals of our partners vary, we unite around a single vision: data-driven breeding will drive the future of the cannabis industry.

To bring the best recommendations, tools, and services to the industry, we’re launching our own in-house plant breeding program later this spring. Our 95,000 SQFT plant breeding campus, located just 30 minutes outside of Portland, will serve as our hub for research and development work. Our focus will be traits like pest resistance, early flowering time, and unique chemical profiles.

We believe breeders should always get fair credit and compensation for their work. We’re currently working with long-time Oregon breeders to negotiate a fair licensing contract for seeds and clones that will serve as the foundation for our breeding program. We’re looking forward to bringing you along on this journey by providing updates on developments as they happen.

Take a look inside — our team talks about plant breeding. Watch the video >>

With the recent passage of the federal Farm Bill legalizing hemp production, large agricultural companies will have a new path to the cannabis industry. But the fate of other agricultural crops—monoculture and the destruction of genetic diversity—doesn't have to be the fate of cannabis. We believe it's our responsibility to steer the future of cannabis in a different direction.

The network of small breeders and family farms who founded the cannabis industry is still the best hope for preserving the genetic diversity of cannabis. We'll continue to work closely with these farmers so that we can better understand their needs and continue to design our tools and services to support the strength of their businesses.

We've helped launch Conception Nurseries, a clone nursery pioneering a transparent supply chain that supports fair credit and fair royalty payments for breeders. Conception will bring new cannabis varieties to market as sterile clones grown from tissue culture and will be a powerful path to market for breeders of all sizes. Conception will offer vigorous and pathogen-free plantlets at costs lower than in-house production.

Cannabis will drive innovation in medicine, agriculture, and address environmental challenges such as climate change. We see this as part of a much bigger conversation supported by regenerative agriculture and environmental sustainability. We look forward to working with a diversity of partners to ensure the cannabis plant and industry has a positive impact on our communities.

Together, we're pioneering the future of hemp and cannabis.

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