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Reseller Program

Become a Phylos Reseller and bring genetic science to your store.

Phylos Genotype Test and Plant Sex Test kits are  available for wholesale purchase and resale.

Both Boxes

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Innovative products like the Plant Sex Tests are allowing growers to produce larger plant counts more efficiently, and Phylos Genotype Test kit gives growers and breeders unprecedented genetic insight into their cannabis varieties. We have thousands of customers in the U.S., Canada, and are expanding to all legal international markets. Now for the first time, our products are available to resellers.

Single Pack

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As a Phylos Reseller, you'll receive:

  • A discovery listing on the Phylos website
  • Cross promotion via email and social media campaigns
  • Marketing assets to share in-store and online
  • In-store demo from trained Phylos staff
  • Increased business as result of offering the latest in scientific innovations for growers

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