Automatic Series

Feminized, day-neutral F1 hybrid cannabis and hemp seeds in an average of 65-75 days

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Scale and increase profitability with Phylos Production-Ready Seed™

Day-neutral autoflower F1 hybrid cannabis and hemp seeds that go straight into the soil for production. Our Automatic Series of cannabis and hemp seeds excel at early season vigor and consistent, uniform growth, and maturity.

Available Genetics (Type I THC)

Automatic Series Type I THC

Lime Glow - Phylos Production-Ready Seed™

Electric Daydream

Electric Daydream 2.0 *New for 2023

Lime Glow

Rocket Juice *New for 2023

Walter's Choice *New for 2023

Walter Wonderland *Sold out

Yuzu Euphoria

Available Genetics (Type III Hemp)

Automatic Series Type III Hemp

AutoCBD Alpha Explorer in Greenhouse

A compact, short-season hemp crop ideal for low-cost farming production and extraction.

AutoCBD™ Alpha Explorer
A versatile new autoflower F1 with robust flowers and incredible yield.

AutoCBD™ Alpha Nebula

A vigorous new autoflower F1 bred for phenomenal CBD extraction.

Launch right into production with stable ready-to-plant seeds

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No more production surprises with stable F1 hybrid seed with consistently uniform results and reliable yield performance.

Industry-leading genetic purity of 97%+. Germination rates of 90%+.

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When you start clean, you grow clean.

Eliminate diseases like HLVd and reduce costs for pest management by starting with seed.

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Maximize space utilization in your existing production system to get the highest return per square foot.

Dependable, short flowering cycles with potential for multiple harvests.

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Reduce the burden and overhead costs of maintaining mother rooms, clones, and transporting fragile plantlets.

Gain up to 25% more production space and reduce costs.

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Growing outdoors or in mixed light systems reduces environmental impact and energy usage.

Ready to Plant?

If you manage large cultivation operations and are looking for consistent, uniform and reliable seeds to help scale your production in a more cost effective and sustainable way, Phylos can help. Contact us via the form above or email us at to learn how Phylos Production-Ready Seed™ fit into your production strategy.