Cloudwalker OG

Cloudwalker OG

Flavor Profile

Sandalwood, diesel, skunk

Oral History

Cloudwalker was developed out of the love for Chemdog Terps. The strain Dogwalker OG from Collective Awakenings in Portland, Oregon was my favorite Chemdog variety to puff for years. When I finally got a cut with those terps I knew I had to make my version of her geared towards fast flowering, big yields, and thick nugs so I crossed her with my Macob Kush and the clone only cut of GG4. I got lucky when I found this keeper pheno that had all the gas of Dogwalker OG with the potency of GG4. A couple puffs and you'll be walkin on clouds.


  • mother: Dogwalker OG (Portland, Oregon Cut)
  • father: Original Glue x Macob Kush

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