Blueberry Kush

Blueberry Kush

Flavor Profile

These precious little nuggets emanate a sweet aroma of fruit, specifically, fresh blueberries, and appear to be coated with a thick smattering of sugar. Testing out at 16.57 % THC and 0.1% CBD, Blueberry Kush flowers are gooey, robustly and sweetly odiferous. Even though cross-bred with the ever-popular, pungent and acrid OG, her genetics have graciously provided patients with a sweet and syrupy flower that will naturally appeal to those with a sweet tooth.

Oral History

Close Relative of the ever-popular Mango Kush, this sister strain will highly appeal to patients and connoisseurs who enjoy a more indica-heavy stone. A cross between OG Kush and Blueberry, her lineage is clearly on the heady side of the family. A strong medication which is preferred by most patients in the evening, BBK has heavy sedative effects and powerful pain-relieving properties. When grown well and given proper time to cure, this plant produces an over-abundance of mature trichomes. Her orb-like, shiny, crystals contain a unique combination of cannabinoids and terpinoids, molecules that serve as natural anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory medications. All the while being much healthier than synthetic, doctor-prescribed anti-anxiety medications and ibuprofen. Fruit-flavored OG strains have proven time-tested and have been much loved throughout the entire West Coast medical cannabis scene. But the specific phenotype of BBK grown by the folks at Chalice Farms is an especially kind, female specimen, well-worth a closer examination. Turn the lights down a bit, throw on the “Natural Mystic” album, grind up a nugget of Blueberry Kush and enjoy the ride!

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