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R&D Blog : Breeding


Pheno Hunting, Breeding and the Outrageous Diversity of Cannabis

Alisha Holloway, PhD - Nov 23 2018

We can thank the unsung heroes of the cannabis world—the breeders—for the wild diversity of cannabis varieties we see today. For example, check out the otherworldly purple of Sirius Black. And Pineapple Upside Down Cake, which smells exactly like its name. Or there’s The MAC, which reached cult status for its frosty-white trichomes — those mesmerizing crystal-flecked hairs you see on cannabis flower.


Breeding the Next Generation of Cannabis

Brian Campbell, Plant Breeder - Sep 20 2018

The word “evolution” has become ubiquitous and is now synonymous with adaptation and improvement. However, one core principle is frequently overlooked in popular culture: no single organism evolves. Only populationsof organisms evolve. The driving force behind evolution is natural selection or “survival of the fittest”—a phrase commonly attributed to Charles Darwin but borrowed from English philosopher Herbert Spencer.