“Phylos Production-Ready Seed™ is like having a whole mother room in a packet of seeds.” 

Phylos Production-Ready Seed are “F1 hybrids.” In breeding terms, this means they are the first generation produced from two distinct and phenotypically stable parents.

How this works

When a parent variety has been stabilized and it has been crossed with another stable parent, the resulting generation will produce seeds that express the dominant traits of both parents, consistently. This generation is called an “F1 hybrid” - the first, “filial” (aka son or daughter) generation of two distinct and stable parents.

How we do it

1. Cultivars are developed into highly inbred parent seed lines

2. F1 hybrid varieties are produced by crossing two well-characterized, inbred parent seed lines

3. F1 hybrid varieties are evaluated and advanced to additional trials if they meet performance criteria

3. Selected F1 hybrid varieties are sent for further trialing by cultivation partners across the country

4. Feedback on crop performance in different production environments & geographic locations is evaluated

5. Top performing F1 hybrid varieties selected from the evaluation and trialing process are made available for commercial sale

6. Genetics are continuously improved through the R&D process

Two additionally interesting things to know

• If an F1 hybrid is used to make seed, it’s next generation will NOT be uniform, because some of that next generation will exhibit traits that are not dominant.  

• As a rule, F1 hybrids are naturally more vigorous than the parents, with greater disease resistance and overall plant health.

Interested in our full catalog of F1 hybrids?

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