Creating clarity in the supply chain amid evolving regulatory environments

From seed to smoke, the cannabis supply chain is only as strong as the consistency and transparency available. Whether it is consumers who are using medicinal varieties or operators sourcing quality product, clearly identifying a plant’s variety is critical. 

Phylos Certified launched in April 2016 as a way to use science to cultivate trust in the supply chain. We’ve worked with a number of brands and businesses who use the Certified Seal - or the fingerprint - to showcase the unique genetic identification for the variety. However, in the years since, and as regulatory environments have changed, the use of “certified” has taken on a new meaning, one that is part of a legal framework regulated by the USDA. As cannabis is still a Schedule 1 substance, and not regulated at the federal level in the US, the continued use of the “Certified” label by Phylos and its partners on branding products seemed less certain. 

In an effort to better support our customers and their partners, we have updated the Phylos Certified Seal to Phylos Tested, in order to reframe and support the changing regulatory environment. Phylos Tested addresses the same supply chain concerns of validating genomics in our customers’ operations while embracing a new presentation that better supports our customers and the visual needs they have for product management, packaging, and marketing. 

Phylos Tested supports product transparency, consistency, and assurance, while also helping buyers and consumers feel informed, engaged, and empowered in a changing cannabis industry.

Where can I find the updated seal?

In the customer dashboard, a genotype customer can continue to download via the "Marketing Assets" page in their Galaxy profile.