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Not your typical "pheno-hunt" seeds

Grow vigorous plants with consistently
outstanding, uniform traits – from seed.

The Impact of Modern Seed Genetics in Commercial Cannabis

Read the latest case study in our series covering seed-based production systems in various sizes and environments. Explore how Montana-based Streamline Farms successfully pivoted from growing tomatoes to cannabis with a limited budget and small footprint.
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Streamline Farms: Bennett Cawthon and Connor Schmitz

Announcing our Innovation Partner, Organigram

Phylos’ Innovation Partner program builds strategic partnerships with cannabis operators around the globe. Combining genetics developed by Phylos’ modern scientific breeding program with partner core competencies provides paths towards further research and commercial advantages for both Phylos and our partners.
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Scale and Increase Profitability with Uniform Seed-Grown Production 

Industry leaders John McFerson (VP of Plant Breeding at Phylos), Amy Zents (Director of Cultivation at Progressive Plant Research) and Kevin Jodrey (Founder of Wonderland Nursery) discuss the many reasons why seeds are the future of cannabis production. 
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Maximize yield and efficiency in your production

With increased competition, growers are looking for ways to maximize their production output while reducing costs and labor. By evaluating five different densities with two different pot sizes, we gained valuable insight into how to produce more efficiently without compromising on yield and flower quality.
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1 million hemp seeds for BIPOC farmers

Dedicated to leveling a systemically unbalanced playing field through our Hemp Seed Donation Program. Our partners include the National Black Farmers Association and Oregon State University’s Global Hemp Innovation Center.
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John and Kara Boyd, National Black Farmers Association

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